Sergiology - Huvafen Fushi , Maldives

The travelogue of Sergio Herman, world's youngest three-star Michelin Chef in Hufaven Fushi, Maldives. Directed by : Sean Jesudasan Shot and edited by : Joshua Jesudasan & Adrian Yap Audio production by : Ivan Cheong

Imagine surrounding yourself with the best of each different industry leaders in the most beautiful island in the world, that was the experience I had in Huvafen Fushi also known as the dream island.
It's also an honor to have spent 3 days filming the world's youngest three-star Michelin Chef, Sergio Herman. It just so inspiring to see the level of craftsmanship in what he does and that in return inspired us to up our game.
Creative Director : Sean Jesudasan 
Cinematographer + Post Production : Adrian Yap and Joshua Jesudasan
Audio Post Production : Ivan Cheong
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