Collection of Atmosphere - United Kingdom

Wanderlust in frame. Walkabout the streets of united kingdom with my camera and iphone. London - Coventry - Manchester - Sheffield

" Street photography is a pursuit of an endless of moment that can't rely the imagine in your head but when you see it somehow you realize that's it. " - Nina Berman , an award winning photographer. 

To get away from my hectic schedule, I decided to take two weeks off with no plans at all to wander around London - Coventry - Manchester - Sheffield. One thing that I like about UK is the many surprises in store across this city. If you're an artist, this would be your favorite hang out place.

This series of photos is my interpretation of the moment. Capturing details that sums up the feeling. I called it collection of atmosphere.
All photos are processed using the awesome VSCOcam and VSCO film. Smaller grid photos are taken using Iphone 5 and the remaining taken using Canon 5Dmk3 with 50mm f1.4. 

Places traveled : London , Coventry , Manchester and Sheffield. 
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